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High molecular density polymer

Product with high abrasion and impact resistance and excellent sliding properties.

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Polyurethane plates

Product with properties of high resistance to abrasion and impact and excellent slipperiness.

Anti-wear polyurethane is effective when WEAR, IMPACT, ENVIRONMENT, CAKING AND ABRASION combine with water, as well as with the application of light weight on the structure of a machine or element.

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Wear resistant steel plates

Steel with anti-wear alloy and thermo-mechanical hardness in the core, withstands temperatures up to 400ºC and processing up to 900ºC. Can be used in crushers, blades, mixers, vibratory feeders…

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Wear resistant steel plates
Bi-metallic wear resistant stainless steel

In cases of wear from moisture and high slipperiness, wear-resistant stainless steel is the ultimate alternative. The hardness of “Inoxdes-424” is almost 3 times higher than that of conventional stainless steel, and the hardness of “Inoxdes-660” is 10 times higher.

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Bi-metallic sheets

High abrasion and impact resistant steel. Its resistance is 3 to 15 times higher than that of 400 HB steel, even at high temperatures.

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Fused cast basalt

Created from selected natural basalt melted at 1300ºC which is subsequently recrystallised, giving it high resistance to abrasion, chemical attack and improved sliding.

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Fused alumina

Material produced by melting suitable raw materials. The end product is a three-phase system consisting of glass-phase corundum. The end result has excellent properties, especially hardness, high temperature resistance and chemical corrosion resistance.

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92% sintered alumina

Product with high resistance to abrasion, it can be used for: Grinding balls, tiles with thicknesses from 1.5 mm upwards. Shaped parts and pipes. Sintered alumina is a versatile, long-lasting product, which can be applied with adhesives or welding, depending on the working conditions.

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Sintered silicon carbide

Key properties include hardness up to 2300 Vickers, resistance to chemical attack and high resistance to frictional wear.

The new generation of ceramics, sintered silicon carbide is the optimal choice for excellence.

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Flexible piping

Sintered Alumina lined flexible hoses — ALUDES 150 — are ideal for highly aggressive usage where conventional rubber hose connections, expansion joints or bellows require frequent replacement. Ceramic lined hoses can also be used to isolate mechanical vibration or to connect non-stationary equipment. They are widely used in cement plants, foundries, coal dust and slurry supply systems and for corrosion resistance. They are also used for sand suction, harbor and river dredging, concrete pump vehicles, etc.

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Sintered alumina adhesive paste

Adhesive paste containing 70% ALUDES 150 particles. The best alternative for non-standard forms of equipment lining or those which require repair.

comparison table of wear resistance

tabla comparativa

The comparative table of wear resistance should be used for guidance after prior selection of the most suitable type of material for the specific causes of wear: abrasion, impact, temperatures, chemical attack, etc.