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We built, we innovate, we create solutions


Our approach is to work closely with customers at an early stage, think broadly and boldly, and go beyond traditional solutions for engineering surfaces.

We offer reliable partnerships based on trust, quality and taking total control over every need.

  • We monitor wear and tear
  • We choose the best solution
  • We design parts and coat equipment and pipes
  • We build made to measure
  • We store all your order information for easy re-order
  • We supervise every detail of your installation and verify that parts work optimally

Lining solutions

At Tecnodesgast, we offer you a wide selection of mineral, ceramic and metallic materials, as well as high quality engineering compounds and plastics. This range of options allows us to create highly durable Lining systems that are precisely tailored to your needs.

Piping solutions

Hydraulic and pneumatic hoses, as well as flexible hoses, are often subjected to extremely harsh conditions. When conveying abrasive materials such as ash, sand or grain, pipes experience high levels of stress. Even thick-walled steel or cast iron pipes often show significant wear in a very short period of time.

To ensure a long service life and optimum conveying capacity, it is essential to coat pipes, bends and hoses with wear-resistant materials.