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Flexible piping

Sintered Alumina lined flexible hoses — ALUDES 150 — are ideal for highly aggressive usage where conventional rubber hose connections, expansion joints or bellows require frequent replacement. Ceramic lined hoses can also be used to isolate mechanical vibration or to connect non-stationary equipment. They are widely used in cement plants, foundries, coal dust and slurry supply systems and for corrosion resistance. They are also used for sand suction, harbor and river dredging, concrete pump vehicles, etc.

Technical Data

  1. Size range DN25 to DN600 custom lengths up to 20 m.
  2. Maximum operating pressure 10 bar.
  3. Maximum operating temperature 120 °C.


  1. Impact resistant: virtually impossible to destroy the ceramic segments.
  2. Flexible: the minimum bending radius is approximately 10/12 times the inner diameter of the hose.
  3. Corrosion resistant.
  4. Wide variety of end connections.
  5. Continuous length up to 10/20 m.

Working conditions

Tailor-made parts.
Tiles, hammers, brushes.
For applications in mills, micronisers, separators, etc.

Reduce the noise

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