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Solutions for wear and tearin the industrial sector

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40 years offeringinnovative solutions

40 years developing personalized anti-wear solutions

At Tecnodesgast we develop and manufacture customized solutions for all types of equipment suffering wear from abrasion, chemical attack, temperature or impact.

We are backed by more than 40 years of experience identifying, diagnosing and resolving all types of wear to equipment in the industrial sector.

We offer our customers the best solutions that use specific techniques and precise materials to better optimize their resources.

Our aim is to meet the unique daily needs of every customer, big or small.

We protect industrial components where materials move

  • transporte crudoTransportation of raw materials
  • trituracionCrushing and grinding
  • almacenarStore
  • mezclarMingle
  • filtrarFilter and separate



At Tecnodesgast, we offer you a varied selection of mineral, ceramic, and metallic materials, as well as high-quality composites and engineering plastics. This diversity of options enables us to create highly durable siding systems that fit your needs precisely.


When transporting abrasive materials such as ash, sand or grain, pipes experience high levels of stress. To ensure long life and optimal transport capacity, it is essential to coat pipes, bends and hoses with materials that are resistant to wear.

icona rev canonadaLining & Pipe

Sintered alumina adhesive paste

icona canonadaPipe

Flexible piping

icona rev canonadaLining & Pipe

Sintered silicon carbide

icona rev canonadaLining & Pipe

92% sintered alumina

icona rev canonadaLining & Pipe

Fused alumina

icona rev canonadaLining & Pipe

Fused cast basalt

icona rev canonadaLining & Pipe

Bi-metallic sheets

icona rev canonadaLining & Pipe

Wear resistant steel plates
Bi-metallic wear resistant stainless steel

icona revestimentLining

Wear resistant steel plates

icona rev canonadaLining & Pipe

Polyurethane plates

icona revestimentLining

High molecular density polymer

comparison table of wear resistance

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